Quotes from GCWP Leaders

Dr Bevan Morris
Dr John Hagelin
Dr Bob LoPinto
Dr Eike Hartmann
Dr. Bevan Morris Raja John Hagelin Raja Bob LoPinto Dr. Eike Hartmann
Prime Minister
Global Country of World Peace
Raja of Invincible America
Global Country of World Peace
Raja of the Global Country of World Peace charged by Maharishi to create the Maharishi Purusha Capital of the Western World Global Minister of
Maharishi Vedic Architecture
Global Country of World Peace
"Maharishi was so deeply feeling in the last months of 2007 to build for Purusha a Vastu home in a private and quiet place where they could evolve to higher heights of the experience of Unity while quietly nourishing all 192 countries of the world in their daily recreational period. It is so gratifying to see Maharishi's vision coming to be realized."
Dr. Bevan Morris
"I am deeply satisfied and fulfilled that this Maharishi Purusha Capital of the Western World is quickly being created and that so many supremely powerful Yogic Flyers will help maintain the invincibility of America by creating an extraordinarily powerful, concentrated influence of peace and coherence within 100 miles of our nation’s capital.”
Raja John Hagelin
"In establishing the Purusha Capital of the Western World as a permanent home for our dear Purusha, Maharishi blessed the world with the immeasurable gift of Silent Administration for all time. In this peaceful, soft and scenic mountain setting, he laid the foundation for Purusha to dive deep into experience undisturbed by outside influences, so that from a level where silence and dynamism are unified, Purusha will automatically uplift the destiny of all mankind.”
Raja Bob LoPinto
"It was a great joy to design this Purusha Capital under Maharishi’s direct guidance exactly as he envisioned the functionality of Silent Administration to perpetuate invincibility in all 192 countries of the world on par with the Constitution of the Universe. Established in perfect Vastu, with special attention straight east towards Washington, Purusha will create balance and harmony in nature and provide an indomitable influence of peace, prosperity and progress for the nation and the world.”
Dr. Eike Hartmann